EXO – Tempo | Dance Cover Compilation

This post is about EXO – Tempo | Dance Cover Compilation which we think our readers will be attractive to view. EXO is a big stars from korea and has a big fan base. No wonder a lot of fans covers EXO songs. Related with, , , , , , , , , , , , , this post collection will give you a fresh performace from human around the world covering KPOP Dance, Music Cover. Please watch until the end. Cheers!

Official Music Video

EXO Perform at SBS K-POP Awards 2018

Those videos are official video of EXO songs which should become a guideline to all cover performers. And followings are the list that we gather and for your info, that it's not a chart, which means that number 1 is not the most perfect or greatest cover, but it's a random video which we think the cover is more interesting than the other that are not in the list. You can also participate to update the list through polling or if it's not exist yet (the video), contact us directly through contact us form.

Best Collection:

1. Dance Cover By Defdance from South Korea

2. Dance Cover By LOL Crew from Vietnam

3. Dance Cover By Eclipse from United States

4. Dance Cover By ArtBeat from South Korea

5. Dance Cover By SoNE1 from United States

6. Dance Cover By Coming Soon from Indonesia

7. Dance Cover By KBM Dance from United States

8. Dance Cover By Harmonyc from United States

9. Dance Cover By Buqi Crew from China

10. Dance Cover By MTBD from Ukraine

Random Collection:

Above are collection video of EXO – Tempo | Dance Cover Compilation which we list and evaluate through an objective view curated from internet, if one of your video is on the list and want to remove from this post, please contact us and we will take action on the video content if you provide details with some authority proof you own that video.